Dog Ambassadors

Meet our Lead Dogs!

Meet Scarlett

 Scarlett is a purebred Black Lab.  She was born on February 14th 2019 and is our #1 Lead Dog Ambassador.  Scarlett loves the outdoors! You can find her at the beach, on the boat or at work.  She enjoys watching the Lead Dog Builders' projects come to life.  Every day is an adventure with Scarlett around! 

Meet Kona

Kona is a 9 year old English style Chocolate Labrador Retriever with a loving playful spirit and a gentle touch. Born on Cinco De Mayo, Kona loves being the center of attention.  She is a real cuddle bug who never turns down a treat or an opportunity to go for a slow walk sporting her Lead Dog gear.

Meet Sammy

Sammy was rescued from a high kill shelter in NC.  A volunteer pilot flew him and 20 other dogs to NJ where they found their forever homes.  Lead Dogs come in all types and sizes. You can follow Sammy and his adventures @coyotesammy

Meet Scout

Scout is an English Cream Golden Retriever.  Scout comes from the Mid-West and loves to be outside, enjoying all types of activities.  You can find her on the side of a ski slope watching her people racing by or sunning herself by the pool watching them swim by.  The Lead Dog Bandana looks great with her white fur!

Meet Smudge

Smudge is a mix breed rescue from SC.  Smudge loves to hang outside and play in the snow.  You can find Smudge running around checking out the neighbor's yards, following deer and terrorizing squirrels.  Smudge loves his Lead Dog Collar and Leash!  

Meet Woody

Meet Woody - Woody is a Puerto Rican Sato ("Street") Dog.  He was a few days away from being put down before he was recused and found his forever family.  Woody is a 4-year-old terrier mix.  He loves the winter, mountain biking and playing pool.  Lead Dogs come in all sizes!


Meet Zio - a six month old American Boxer. Zio's favorite past time activity is to chase birds! Go Zio

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