For the love of the Lead Dog.

It all started at a dining room table. It was right after the housing industry collapsed in January 2009 and Michael Villane decided to start a small business that would deliver quality custom homes, renovations and construction management in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Michael called his new company Lead Dog Builders (now Lead Dog Custom Homes). The name was built around a single theory – to always be the lead dog. That vision expanded from Michael’s dining room table to a small rented office and then to a historic Red Bank building that was renovated by the Lead Dog team. Along the way, the “Lead Dog” name has become widely recognized and a source of inspiration to many – especially the obvious – dog lovers.

So, here we are, over a decade later, and it has been proven time and time again that being the lead dog really does make all the difference in the world, hence the Lead Dog brand was born. We’re talking cool, comfortable clothing and casual style for you, your dog and all your adventures. From hoodies and sweatshirts to dog collars and dog leashes, we have what you and your pooch are looking for.

So, without any barking around the bush, let the unwavering tail wagging and nose kissing commence. Welcome to Lead Dog.  #lifewithleaddog

Meet Lead Dog Ambassador Charlie Volker

Congratulations to Charlie Volker - US Bobsled Push Champion. Follow Charlie's push to the Beijing Winter Olympics!!

Free to be you.

Some of our very best friends in the world stand on four legs. #lifewithleaddog

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Loyal for life.

Loving beyond compare. #lifewithleaddog

Dog Ambassadors

Journey on

When life’s greatest adventures are ahead of you, it’s important to remember who stands beside you. #lifewithleaddog

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